Collection: El Vaquero Collection

Get a taste of the thrill of a Texas cattle drive without ever leaving your home. This indulgent formula softens even the coarsest hair to make it look, smell, and feel beautifully groomed.

 Here's your chance to take the pristine contours of your facial hair to new heights of rugged glory. Its strong-smelling aroma will make anyone drool, and it will inspire tons of compliments to come your way.

 Why get yours?

  • All-natural product: Made from high-grade organic ingredients, this outstanding beard oil achieves so much for your beard without causing any side effects.
  • Premium quality: This luxury oil is designed to soften, condition, and restore the suppleness of your beard. A blend of only the finest carrier oils including jojoba oil Argon oil Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E oil, it absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue.
  • Robust fragrance: A true luxury Tabac scent blended with rugged leather, the scent of El Vaquero brings a man back to a time when everything was simpler and more rugged. Breathe in that dusty trail air and be transported back into the wild west with this excellent beard oil.
  • Perfect gift: Make sure that that special someone knows your appreciation by giving them the gift of a luxurious beard. It features an associated balm, which doubles the benefits for an experience like no other. It will make a lasting impression on your loved one!

 Bold and sophisticated, El Vaquero Beard Oil has a warm, masculine scent that lingers long after you use it. Be warned; your lady love might just want to roll around in it!