About Us

Los Muertos Beard Co

Giving you full control of your facial hair through products that keep your beard healthy, manageable, and smelling its best.


Beard that is thicker, healthier, and smelling better. That is what we aim to bring as we exclusively offer you top-shelf, handcrafted beard care products boasting a variety of unique scents.

Providing men access to a line of robust beard care products inspired by muchachos who know how to use scents to their advantage. That has been our mission since day one. This mission will continue to evolve as we keep reinventing our bold beard care products so they stay uncomplicated, accessible, and smelling great.

We rise above the competition by literally taking most of the matter through our own hands. This allows us more room to play with the scents, giving you a powerful line of handmade beard oils, balm, and washes that stand out from the crowd.

Up your beard game a notch higher as every ingredient found in our unique line of products is 100% natural. By getting rid of the nasty chemicals from the equation, you get a healthier-looking beard day and night.

Apart from providing you with beard care products that are safe and smell nothing like the bland ones you typically get, we also love keeping the entire experience simple without being boring. And how do we do that? Through authentic and eye-catching art.

We specifically designed our products to be symbolic of the unique scents in our line of handcrafted beard care products. Not to mention, they are full of color. It keeps the buying experience uncomplicated by simply being recognizable. More distinct designs on each product, less room for inconveniences.

And this is how we plan on doing every step of the process as we scale. To keep beard care simple yet consistently trendy for you.

Our social media hashtag is the essence of our effort and love for our work, #LaBarbaVive.

We care so much about your happiness that we hired the nicest, most awesome human beings we could find to help with anything you need. Seriously, reach out. Even just to say hi, we are always here to help you.


Los Muertos Beard Co Team